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CVSweb is a WWW interface for CVS repositories with which you can browse a file hierarchy on your browser to view each file's revision history. cvsweb is a WWW CGI script that provides remote access to your CVS repository. It allows browsing of the full tree, with configurable access controls. othersrc/ · [DIR] pkgsrc/ · [DIR] src/ · [DIR] xsrc/. Show only files with tag: All tags / default branch. Module path or alias: CVSweb.

Nowadays most of the CVS repositories are equipped with ViewCVS or CVSWeb , a web interface that lets you browse the history and etc. But the problem is. 'cvsweb' is a Web interface for accessing a CVS repository. This is an enhanced cvsweb developed by Henner Zeller. Enhancements include recognition and. FreeBSD-CVSweb is a WWW CGI script that allows remote users to browse a CVS repository tree via web. It can display the revision history of a file, as well as .


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