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The majority of the auxiliary files for CEGUI, that used to be plain text, are now kept in a "doxygenised" format within the doc/doxygen directory - please see those. PLEASE use the documentation of your CEGUI version as your main source of information, e.g.: Latest API docs for building/compiling  Mercurial - Building. Welcome to the official CEGUI community Wiki. All users are encouraged to contribute! This is a community driven wiki, which serves as an.

Privacy policy · About CEGUI Wiki - Crazy Eddie's GUI System (Open Source) · Disclaimers · GNU Free Documentation License · Powered by MediaWiki. Crazy Eddie's GUI (CEGUI) system is a graphical user interface C++ library. It was designed particularly for the needs of videogames, but the. Source Package: cegui-mk2 () The following binary packages are built from this source package: Other Packages Related to cegui-mk2.

Version +dfsg-4ubuntu1 uploaded on ; cegui-mk2 source package in Version ubuntu4 uploaded on ; cegui-mk2 source. This video from mpreisler shows the build process for CEGUI on GNU/Linux the cegui source and dependencies, configuring the build and building the thing. CEGUI - windowing and widget library The configure script for CEGUI will detect whether or not you have (the SlackBuild does not include the source). The following binary packages are built from this source package: libcegui-mk2- Crazy Eddie's GUI (libraries); libcegui-mkdbg: Crazy Eddie's GUI.


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