Pothead zombies 2 download

Pothead zombies 2

The infamous pothead zombies are back! 42 weapons, 15 waves and 3 bosses!. In the second sequel of the insane and bloody zombie shooting game you have to defeat waves of undead potheads before they can conquer your fort. Try to stop all incomming stoned creatures by shooting them up. Earn money and shop lots of cool upgrades between the battles. Pothead Zombies 2 game, play free Pothead Zombies 2 game online if you like games, bloody games, gun games for boys.

Play Pothead Zombies 2 free online game! Enjoy our free games. Play hundreds of addicting games, funny games and much more. Shoot zombies and upgrade your guns in this defense game. Don't forget to equip your AI buddy. By some strange reason, people turns into a zombie! Some leads blame a radioactive leak as the source of the problem. Eliminate them! Use the mouse to shoot.

Because of some strange radioactive reasons, anyone who gets high tonight will turn into a zombie! Shoot the zombies in the head in Pothead Zombies 2!. The pothead zombies are back! Shoot down the stoned invaders before they manage to turn you into a zombie with their marijuana smoke. You have a partner .


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