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Astro brian bradley jump

Brian Vaughn Bradley, Jr. (born September 27, ), better known by his stage name Astro, He later started composing instrumentals of his own that pertained to the hip hop music genre. Some of his musical influences include Marvin Gaye . Lyrics Jump by Brian Astro Bradley. Check baby check baby one two three four Check baby check baby one two three Check baby check baby one two Check. Sad new Astronauts Astro (Brian Bradley) was sent home. =(LikeComment . We've seen them cry, jump for joy, and squeal in excitement. Now, let's get to.

Astro was born as Brian Bradley. He is an actor, known Jump to: Actor | Self. Hide Hide Show Show Lodis (as Brian 'Astro' Bradley). Red Band. Brian Vaughn Bradley, Jr., also known as Astro, The Astronomical Kid, C.K.O, Performing Kris Kross' 'Jump', he progressed to the next round. But Brian "Astro" Bradley did the members of Kris Kross - a young rapping duo last night, bringing The X Factor crowd to its feet with an original take on "Jump.

year-old Brian Bradley, known to his television audience as simply Astro, took the stage on tonight's 'X Factor' to prove that he's got what it.


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