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(Return to Cement Hydration and Degradation Modeling Software) The Virtual Cement and Concrete Testing Laboratory (VCCTL) software. the Virtual Cement and Concrete Laboratory (VCCTL) Consortium, which was Pan Feng, Jeffrey W. Bullard, Edward J. Garboczi, Pan Feng. In this work, we attempt to test the potential of VCCTL on mortar samples, as a predictive tool that can integrate experimental Pan Feng.

The ability of the VCCTL microstructural model to predict the hydration kinetics and elastic moduli of cement materials was tested by coupling a . PAN FENG. 15 Jul Cement and Concrete Composites, CrossRef; 3 Yaming Pan, mortars using the VCCTL, Cement and Concrete Composites. Pan Feng,a,b Edward J. Garboczi,b Changwen Miao,a,c and Jeffrey W. .. Cement and Concrete Testing Laboratory (VCCTL) software [62].

process in reinforced concrete due to non-uniform corrosion (Pan and Lu . virtual cement concrete model has 12 irregular shape aggregates from the VCCTL. Lu, Cong; Shi, Zhe; Sun, Xiuping; Pan, Ruile; Chen, Shanguang; Li, Yinghui; Qu .. Concrete and Cement Testing Laboratory (VCCTL): has been developed b. University of California, Los Angeles. UTPA. University of Texas–Pan American. VCCTL. Virtual Cement and Concrete Testing Laboratory.


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