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The Parani-SD is a Class1 type of Bluetooth Serial Adapter that supports meters of wireless transmit distance by default. The Parani-SD has an. Load the ParaniWin software from the CD on to your computer. The icon on your laptop desktop will look as follows. 3. Run the software. It looks as follows. SENA Parani-SD User Manual • Remote configuration, Software and utility, Paraniwin • SENA Computer Accessories.

Please refer to ParaniWIN and Appendix 0 AT+UARTCONFIG,. Baud rate,Paraty, Stopbit. Pairing Button. Parani-SD provides Pairing. Sena Parani-SD Manual Online: Paraniwin. ParaniWIN is a program that runs on Microsoft Windows for the configuration of Parani-SD friendly ParaniWizard and ParaniWIN are also provided for easy setup on . When the ParaniWin software is able to access the Parani-ESD.

Update Approval, Command Validity, data bit, A.1 voltage, B, remove at+ dfu,. S23, B, ParaniWIN Dip switch conf. V 년 11월 25일 Sena ParaniWin - 블루투스 시리얼을 사용하기 위한 드라이버 2. Bafo ( USB2RS - 파란색 모듈 bf) - USB2RS 드라이버 (다른건 잘. messages, then they may use either ParaniWin or Hyper terminal program. The Parani-SD supports AT command set for versatile operations.


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