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Tis 620

Thai Industrial Standard , commonly referred to as TIS, is the most common character set and character encoding for the Thai language. Variants - Character set. The ISO standard includes several 8-bit extensions to the ASCII character set (also known as ISO IRV). ISO encodes the characters used in. When using the encoding TIS which is supposed to only support the extended ASCII range using the 8-bit range for encoding the Thai alphabet you can write unicode characters and characters in this encoding range without them being converted directly to a related ASCII.

This is a proposal to register TIS as a charset with IANA. This charset is to be used as a MIME text/* media type. Background TIS is the standard Thai. Java raymondsaumure.comt Information. name(), TIS displayName(), TIS- class, raymondsaumure.com_ isRegistered(), Yes. canEncode(), Yes. Complete Character List for TIS Share on Pinboard · Share on HackerNews · Share on Twitter · Share on Facebook · Share on Reddit.

Code, Unicode, Description. 0x20, U+, SPACE. 0x21, U+, EXCLAMATION MARK. 0x22, U+, QUOTATION MARK. 0x23, U+, NUMBER SIGN. tis hexadecimal DESCRIPTION The ISO standard includes several 8- bit extensions to the ASCII character set (also known as ISO IRV).


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