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HTML_Template_PHPLIB is the PEARified version of the once-so-famous PHPLIB template class. It provides variables and repeatable blocks. The original . PHPLIB templates can grant you an amazing ability to abstract the manipulation of data (in the database as well as in PHP) from its final format. Converted PHPLIB Template class. *. * For those who want to use PHPLIB's fine template class,. * here's a PEAR conforming class with the original PHPLIB.

My fork of PHPLIB by Boris Erdmann, Kristian Koehntopp & Jeffrey Galbraith - bevhost/phplib. Re: [Phplib-users] From: Layne Weathers - 26 > This solution is close to something I am Tring to figure out. PHPLIB is an object-oriented application development toolkit for PHP. Picreel offers design templates that users can use or create their own.

I'm having a problem with PHPLib Template Blocks. Here is the basic template ( called Here is the data about {thename}. PHPLIB is an object-oriented application development toolkit for PHP. It is primarily of benefit to Web application developers, but contains classes which are . 40 * (credits given to first person to post a diff to phplib mailing list). 41 * 50 * set_block unnecessarily required a newline in the template file (Marc Tardif). Velocity is a Java template engine. It's older than Cheetah, .. their nesting order is. PHPLib templates do not have caching, output filters, etc.


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