Dd-wrt king kong download

Dd-wrt king kong

dd-wrt.K3_Rchk 24M [ ] dd-wrt.K3_Rchk 31 24M [ ] raymondsaumure.com3_AC_ARM_ACbin 24M [ ] . DD-WRT Wireless Router Firmware Development - Richard Schneidt. Unofficial Kong's release repository: raymondsaumure.com . BCM chip rev 1 - Linksys E > vsp2 (06/07/14) kingkong.

This entry was posted in Linux Technology and tagged BrainSlayer build builds DD-WRT difference Eko Fractal Kong router database SP1 SP2. Welcome to Steve Jenkins' Recommended DD-WRT Builds for Cisco/Linksys DD -WRT E-series raymondsaumure.com, Jul , 11M. Submitted by Kong on Wed, This is raymondsaumure.com file for initial flashing. Additional files available at. raymondsaumure.com

The latest flavor I've been using has been Kong's DD-WRT build for the NETGEAR R Nighthawk, and I wanted to share my experience. Current Kong builds are now regular dd-wrt builds, the only main difference is, that my releases are no KingKong Build (only Asus RT-N16). It seems an entire folder has gone missing on the Kong FTP site, anyone know where we can find Kong dd-wrt firmware files now that they are. Install and Configure a DD-WRT Kong Router: DD-WRT is a wonderful open source custom router firmware that is supported on many devices. It adds features.


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