Yahoo messenger audibles download

Yahoo messenger audibles

Those are the audibles from the Yahoo! Messenger. I think they are excellent so they should be avaiable also outside of the messenger. All copyright to Yahoo!. Feeling a little nostalgic. I've only gotten youtube videos of a handful, but is there anywhere where I can download them or at least find them?. Audibles are those short animations with audio comments from Yahoo! Messenger. They can be from different categories, like greetings audibles, good- bye.

Socializing via instant messenger services has come to grow on us and Let's face it, they're not doing it only for us, with Yahoo! there's. Yahoo! Audible - Insults - Laughing - My favorite old yahoo messenger audible.:). change the fonts in the Messenger section under preferences.

Play that old Yahoo! Messenger Audible: 'Sorry, strict ang parents ko!' 😅 http://


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