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Pure connect app

Pure Connect App. Thousands of global stations, podcasts and more from your smartphone including control of Jongo multiroom speakers. Pure Connect gives you free access to thousands of internet radio stations, on- demand radio shows and podcasts, as well as all your own network and local. Pure Connect gives you access to thousands of internet radio stations, on-demand shows and podcasts, as well as your own network and local digital music. It can also be used as a convenient remote control for your Pure Jongo wireless multiroom speakers. Pure Connect for iOS11 now.

Wireless speaker maker Pure appears to be more the first casualties in Apple's war on bit iOS apps. Pure's bit Connect software for. The Genesys PureConnect platform is an all-in-one customer experience solution that's easy to use, flexible and customizable to your business needs. It offers. PureConnect for Salesforce frees you from the hassles of planning for software upgrades or deploying service Global: 0; App Builder: 0; Community Builder: 0.

Pure has announced that its Pure Connect app is now available for Android devices from today via the Google Play store. Android and iOS users can control the Jongo multiroom music system via Pure apps. Pure Connect, on the other hand, is one that lets you do everything in one app. It's really designed to tie-in to the other music services from Pure.


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