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Mathtime sty

LaTeX2e[/01/01] mathtime [/10/10 ve mathtime font support (FMi/ DPC)] This is file `', %% generated with the docstrip utility. Look for the files and `TeX' the file to create, then add \usepackage{mathtime} to your source file. Do not call with support questions without reading the % FAQ which is at the end of this file. % % This file provides support for the MathTime fonts.

I need to use the mathtime package with the option cmbold: So you are wrong again: psnfssx does have – Schweinebacke Oct. Contribute to chiamingyen/extensions development by creating an account on GitHub. The basic usage is simply to add \usepackage{mathtime} to your document preamble, In addition to, a package will also be produced.

I was able to produce the `` file from the `psnfssx` CTAN package sources[1,2], which appears to be licensed under the LPPL +. \input{} % from \newdimen\aadimen \def\AA{\leavevmode\ setbox0\hbox{h}\aadimen\ht0. mathtime: List of files. Name, Directory., texmf\fonts\enc\dvips\ mathtime., texmf\tex\latex\mathtime. my1mtt. have the `basic' MathTime font set, and *not* % the extended MathTime Plus ( or Mathtime fonts ***} \generateFile{}{f}{\from{}{package .


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