Viewvc enable file download

Viewvc enable file

Configuration file for ViewVC # # Information on ViewVC is located at the To enable use of CVSNT, set the "cvsnt_exe_path" value # to the path of the CVSNT . Where does the installation documentation, if any, live? ViewVC's installation how-to documentation lives in the INSTALL file located in the root of the ViewVC . Now we configure ViewVC by modifying the following variables in its configuration file according to our needs. The directory /data/svn is assumed to be the base.

NOTE: This setting is ignored when root_as_url_component is enabled. ##. ## Example: As a convenience, ViewVC provides a MIME type mapping file. This file contains special instructions for setting up ViewVC on. Windows. It will take you . In order to run ViewVC with ASP, you will need to enable Python. ViewVC is a WWW interface for CVS and Subversion repositories. It allows you to browse the files and directories in a repository while showing you metadata.

Files Shown - Number of files shown in the directory listing. This might be less Also, in CVS repositories with the graph view enabled, there will be small graph. This document describes the format of URLs accepted by ViewVC and is intended to If the root_as_url_component configuration option is enabled, the first. I want to enable file download in viewvc, please tell me what I have to do to enable file download. Add "co" to the list of views in the "allowed_views". Add an alias for the rancid user in /etc/aliases file. RANCID by default .. and exit the file. Proceed to enable ViewVC with Apache and restart apache server.


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