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SmartDrive (or SMARTDRV) is a disk caching program shipped with MS-DOS versions through and Windows through Windows It improves . About smartdrv. The smartdrv, or smartdrive, is a utility that can be loaded in the to create a disk cache in conventional memory or. A. Why am I talking about the MS-DOS SmartDrv utility? Well if you use the installation method for NT and do not use SMARTDRV the installation.

Hack # Speed Up DOS with SMARTDRV You can add a boost to disk performance with the DOS SmartDrive program. Caching or reading data from a hard. When used for disk caching, SMARTDrive is loaded by using the SMARTDRV command in your file or at the command prompt. SMARTDrive. EXE--Double Buffering Loads the device driver to perform double buffering. Double buffering provides compatibility for certain hard-disk. is not essential for Windows 10/8/7/XP and will often cause problems. Click here to see what smartdrv is doing, and how to remove smartdrv. exe. EXE, ,, Application, 04/23/ PM., 45,, Application, 04/23/ PM., 18,, MS-DOS Application. Hi,. We used to have which were available in DOS AUTOEXEC .BAT file. Is it possible to have the same function for Windows.


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