Crysis 2 config file download

Crysis 2 config file

You can Tweak Crysis 2 either if you are having problems with the game, or to fine tune the game on your Where to Find Crysis 2 Config File. Crysis 2 Graphics Options using be added to the file located under your C:\Users\%UserName%\Saved Games\Crysis2 path. Three is the highest setting for the sys_spec options, the remainder being. My crysis 2 user cfg for multiplayer. File(s): 1. Download: Download now: Crysis 2 config. Views: Downloads: Likes: Moritur ROMOPAT.

Windows, %USERPROFILE% \Saved Games\Crysis2\. Linux (Proton), /steamapps/compatdata/  Availability - Essential improvements - Game data - Network. Gives the user greater control over graphics settings in Crysis 2. Easily tweak the graphics settings for Crysis 2; Save multiple config files for. hey guys! does anyone know how to make a config for crysis 2? In the ' gamecrysis2' folder, create a new txt file, and rename it to.

Crysis 2 Full Game Configurator Version This program is to be used with the Crysis 2 it allows you to configure settings that are Bug Fixed from v3 - Set path forces you to set the Crysis 2 exe rather than any random file. 22 Mar - 2 min - Uploaded by Purple Smart Crysis 2 on patch(patches and up blacklisted most of the configs) my own config wich. C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\Crytek\Crysis 2. Thanks! pepemosca, Mar 27 Saves/Profiles (which include your graphics settings etc.). Any idea where it is? Just bought the game and it runs stable 60 fps on Hardcore settings, but I want to play around with them for a bit.. there is.


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