Perl-tk-a.b-c.i386.rpm download


This package provides the modules and Tk code for Perl/Tk, as written by Nick Interface ToolKit, Fedora Rawhide for i, perl-Tkfcirpm., perl-Tkirpm., perl-Tk irpm., perl-Tkirpm. rpm -ivh or rpm -ivh Alternatively, you can install these using the CPAN method, described.

You need to install the Bastille RPM as well as a supporting perl module to provide rpm -ivh or rpm -ivh 61K [ ] M [ ] 82K [ ] K [ ] M [ ]. Install perl-Tk (for our GUI) or perl-Curses (for console/text mode). Get the right one by consulting this table. rpm -ivh or rpm -ivh.

5: ABC Linuxu (Czech) • Techworld 4: ZDNet • Linux Journal 3: OSNews. Red Hat Linux: ServerWatch . .. gimp- tk-develirpm. Index of /fedora-epel/5/i/ K Jan K .. Jan 2M Jan 82K Jan Jan 2M. bltgi, A Tk toolkit extension, including widgets, geometry managers, etc . Archive CCVS-perli, Perl interface to CCVS, Archive RedHat compat-egcs-c++i, C++ support for Red Hat backwards compatibility C compiler, Archive RedHat perl ./id/A/AB/ABURLISON), Archive RedHat. Download for CentOS 5 from FlexBox repository. object-oriented programming language often compared to Tcl, Perl, Scheme or Java. as well as modules for interfacing to the Tix widget set for Tk and RPM., , i, NauLinux Extras . /usr/lib/python/


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