Office 2013 backgrounds and themes download

Office 2013 backgrounds and themes

Those looking for just a bit of flair can change the look of Office applications with a custom background and theme. A background, like the Spring background on a dark gray theme below, adds a little interest to the top right corner of your Office and Office programs. If you don't like the color scheme of Office , change it.

Hello, I recently upgraded to Office To my horror, there are only three window theme colours: white, grey, and dark grey. You would have. Please PLEASE someone tell me there is a way to change the Office RTM themes beyond just a grey-scale look. All I can see is "White". In the final shipping version of Office , Microsoft has brought back the oft- requested themes and significantly expanded the list of available.

The new Office Preview has 4 different toolbar backgrounds to choose from, or none. Here's a tip for how to customize / change it. Themes in the Microsoft Office suite are used to format a whole document quickly and uniformly. In t. Any idea why Office programs are so bland in appearance? rummage about among the themes and backgrounds and related settings.


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