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ʿIlm al-Kalām usually foreshortened to Kalām and sometimes called "Islamic scholastic theology", is the study of Islamic. As interest in philosophy grew among Muslim thinkers, kalām adopted the dialectic (methodology) of the Greek skeptics and the stoics and directed these. In whole regions of the Islamic world and Western countries where Muslims live, what In short, Islamic kalam theology exists because belief in Islam demands.

This brief treatise comprises an introduction to the study of the science of Kalam, one of the most important disciplines of Islamic knowledge. It will suffice to. Islamic philosophy and kalam have greatly influenced each other. One of the results was that kalam raised new problems for philosophy, and philosophy helped. 'Ilm al-kalam as one of the Islamic sciences, discusses the fundamental Islamic beliefs (Allah is One, Prophethood etc.) and doctrines which are.

You can find out more about it in this article (Ilm al-Kalam). By and large, there was a very strong reaction to kalaam in the mainstream Islamic scholarship. The main doctrines of kalam (theology) and their subsequent modifications with special reference to Mu'tazilah, Asha'irah and Shi'ah schools of kalam. This is why the interplay of kalām, Islamic philosophy and mysticism is not something superficial. Neo-Platonic and peripatetic tradition has been received and.


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