World of tanks russian voices download

World of tanks russian voices

Russian crew voices transcriptions - posted in Gameplay: I could not find a decent transcription of the Russian crew voices so here is my best. posted in World of Tanks Mods & Addons: Ive notice all my tank men talk in english, but on a russian server (for test ) theyre russian. The Swedish crew voices are pretty much literal from what I can tell, but they do use . World of Tanks/res/packages/audioww/whateverelsethereis Ok, here is the Russian:

Looking For Russian Voice Mod Link - posted in Off Topic Archive: Hi, im currently looking for voice mods for all the crew. it would be nice to. french, I understand them better than those awful british wot accents. . The russian voices are really distorted for me, but the one's I can sort. No more shemales in WoT I guess:D.

How do you get the Nonna crew voice for only russian tanks? . hi dude i just extrated War Thunder german crew voices can you ported to WoT:B heres the link.


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