Urban terror jump maps download

Urban terror jump maps

Welcome to UrT Jumpers, the Urban Terror jumping community. jumping maps in the 'About Jump Maps' section, associations of videos of the according map. I am not interested much in "playing" the jump maps, but I think I could benefit from some jumping practice for normal game play. Which maps. How to Play Jump Maps in Urban Terror. In Urban Terror, jumping is a skill that demands the quick and precise movement of your mouse and your learned.

Urban Terror has had a jump mode (g_gametype 9) since ; as of that teleport you back to the start of the particular jump (not the start of the map). BlastJumps-One_Trash · CubeJumpBeta03 · Fogly-Jumps · HeroJumps · Noobie- jump · QUBEs_alpha · UrtPlayerTowerMap · apple_deathrun. Urban Terror Maps. FA CTF FA BK FA Multi FA CTF Unplugged. [index] [jump- maps] [standard-maps] [ctf-server] [unplugged-server] [bk-server] [jump-server].

Rating: Not rated, Popularity: 2/5: Slightly below average, Published: Sat Nov 22, pm. Download Now. 13 normal jumps and 4 icy's. Submitted by. Which maps are good for jump mode? You can find maps for example here: July edited July in Urban Terror. Which maps are.


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