Thunderbird new messages only download

Thunderbird new messages only

On Mozilla Thunderbird you can display messages by "unread", "starred", "attachment" and "tags" article will explain how to display messages only by "unread" filter. Open Mozilla Thunderbird, and click on Inbox folder, Unread messages will be displayed in bold print. Do away with the distractions in your inbox! Here's how to hide all read mail in a folder in Mozilla Thunderbird. Please ask a new question if you need help. I set thunderbird to download only the latest emails (last 30days) but it insists on downloading all.

Thunderbird was run to down the recent mail. did you have Thunderbird set to only display unread messages for the account perhaps. That is. I'd be thrilled if I could set up all my email accounts in TBird to only You can set up new imap mail account on new computer, but make a. Thunderbird MacOS Yosemite Pop account worked fine; only download a single message at a time, whilst before all unread.

Use this trick to prevent unread messages from being pushed out of sight in your Thunderbird inbox by later-arriving messages. POP. You can only check for new messages in the Inbox folder on a POP server. However, some webmail add-ons can be configured to check. if Mozilla Thunderbird have one more folder of Unread mail folder which If you just want to view unread messages why not just use View> Folders> Unread ?.


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