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iNZight - a free, easy to use software for statistical data analysis. iNZight Lite. About; File. Import Dataset; Export Dataset; Display Dataset. File > Example Data and select the Gapminder dataset: to add to selection, and "View Table" to see the rows of the data set for those observations.

Get iNZight · Desktop · Tablets · Data · User Guides · The Basics · Interface. iNZight User Guides: Plot Options. iNZight provides users with several different. The window that opens has four options for you to choose from: Data.

This section will outline the very basics of iNZight. Thanks to the simplicity of. iNZight GUI package using reference classes. Contribute to iNZightVIT/iNZight development by creating an account on GitHub. Shiny Application for iNZight. Contribute to iNZightVIT/Lite development by creating an account on GitHub. iNZight free download and videos on how to get started (link to raymondsaumure.comnd) By default iNZight takes numerical data to be numerical, not categorical. We will be using iNZight (free and downloadable software) to do the 'data crunching' to 1 - take a random sample, 2 - calculate sample statistics, 3 - produce a.

iNZight material. New statistical software developed by the University of Auckland. It contains data sets. It can be .


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