British bird checklist download

British bird checklist

The BOU maintains the British List, the official list of wild bird record in Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales and associated waters). The List is managed. The 'Official' British List. The BOU has maintained the official list of wild bird recorded in Britain since Today both national and regional groups use the. Description: Including Great Britain (England, Wales, Scotland) and Northern Ireland. Number of species: Number of endemics: 1. Number.

The British List - Checklist of British Birds. BIRDING TODAY. The British List. Common Name, Scientific Name. Category. Mute Swan, Cygnus olor. A. Bewick's . This, the 9th edition of the Checklist of the Birds of Britain, referred to throughout as the British List, has been prepared as a statement of the. INTRODUCTION. This seventh edition of the Checklist of Birds of Britain, now titled The British List, has been prepared as a statement of the status of those.

In terms of taxonomy and scientific nomenclature, the BB list follows the International Ornithological Union's IOC World Bird List (v. ). The English names used. This checklist details the accepted scientific names and common names of UK birds and was compiled by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds. The list is . (free to view at, ensuring the widestpossible audience from within the ornithological andbirding communities. The British List. The Irish Rare Birds Committee maintains a separate list for species the table indicates its status in Britain and BTO 2 letter and 5 letter codes.


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