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Alien autopsy film

Alien Autopsy is a British comedy film with elements of science fiction, directed by Jonny Campbell. Written by William Davies, it relates the events. Declan Donnelly and Anthony McPartlin in Alien Autopsy () Bill Pullman in At the beginning of the film, in the Summer of , Santilli is on the run from. This provacative FOX Network "prime time" television special investigates the purported "Alien Autopsy" footage that was allegedly filmed by the United States .

The Alien Autopsy Film: Have we seen this before? For almost fifty years stories have persisted that a flying saucer, piloted by extra-terrestrial beings, crashed. A documentary special purporting to be an objective investigation into the authenticity of the film—dubbed Alien Autopsy: Fact or Fiction?. EXCLUSIVE: A 'hoax alien autopsy' film that fooled the world in was a recreation of genuine footage of a post mortem on an.

With those words, Spyros Melaris hopes he has put the demons of his “ alien autopsy” footage — touted as secret government film from. In , a video showing the autopsy of an alien by 'government pathologists' shocked the world - and made millions. Now the film-maker. Aired in America by the Fox network, the Alien Autopsy video caused an . If you like "Ant & Dec" you'll probably appreciate this film even more. Well, not exactly: Skeptical Inquirer magazine was on to the "Alien Autopsy" film from the outset. But now the reputed creator of the fake.


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