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Please use as default URL to access Releaselog. Release log. NEXT Patch PC. PS4. Xbox One. Patch includes a large list of fixes and improvements – notably body shape customisation, quick menu. Release 1 · · · · · - Mobile and desktop · Need more help? Contact us. News & Info. Our story · FAQ & Support · Blog · Contact. Legal.

Release Log. The release log contains a description of each product enhancement including bug fixes, updates and changes. Choose the product release you. Highlights¶. Pydot features now use pydotplus. Fixes installation on some machines and test with appveyor. Restores default center and scale of layout routines. releaselog is a tool for generating release notes from git logs for taskotron. Currently it only supports a very small and fragile setup specific to.

This table displays curl versions and some stats for each release. Each release has Days, Bugfixes and Changes columns expressed as both Delta (the change . Release Log. Maintenance Update (Mac) and (PC). NOTE: This update is effectively the same as , but omits the name change that. This page is obsolete. It is kept for historical interest only. It may document extensions or features that are obsolete and/or no longer supported. Don't want to look through our blog posts to find previous information about data updates on Now you don't have to! Metadata.


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