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Wix Check If Registry Key Exists

Next create a custom action to check for the key and set ODPNETINSTALLED to " 1" if it exists. I'm not going to go into compiling and adding the. Where I am testing to see if that node exists in the registry – but it has . to use the RegLocator table to check only for the presence of the key. Installers often need to look up the value of a registry entry during the later in install, such as to install a specific component if a registry entry is not found. an integer value from the registry and verifying that it exists in a launch condition.

Key, String, Key for the registry value. Yes. Name, String, Registry value name. If this value is null, then the value from the key's unnamed or default value, if any. Is there some sort of generic Registry Key that Cuda 5 contains taht I can If it does, get the location and check that InstallDir in raymondsaumure.com exists. I am trying to determine if a registry key exists, but the key is a empty string. If I change the string in the registry to contain something, I get the.

WIX Registry Key Exists Custom Action component that I am currently building for an application I have a requirement to check if the. I have an install package that has a 'System Search' to check raymondsaumure.com Therefore checking the existence of the registry key isn't sufficient to determine I was about to tell that the WiX documentation explains your problem. Conditionally add a registry key value using Wix CRM when we are load testing, so we normally set a registry entry in the MSCRM registry The check in the condition is made for the roles key as this key is present in the Check whether database exists using PowerShell · Nested Custom Configuration. Wix::Extensions::SystemTools::RegistryKeyCopy Class Reference. List of all Check whether the source registry key exists before performing a copy operation.


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