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Virtual console wads

I think i am quite late, but here is a whole collection of WADS for the wii and vWii . WADs. You can find a bunch of WADs to install on your Wii here. We have a complete collection of WiiWare and Virtual Console games. 8 May - 5 min - Uploaded by ootmaster Ever wanted to get free virtual console or wiiware games? now you can ;D (if you want the. - /files/Wii Apps/- Virtual Console -/NTSC Games .wad files)/ . [To Parent Directory] 7/19/ PM - WiiWare - 7/19/ PM. VC Wads. Page history last edited by Jogait 6 years, 4 months ago. To see Virtual Console reviews visit vc-reviews. ***You can download all the WiiWare/Virtual. heya guys So ive downloaded some wiiware, virtual console titles ect and and put them on my sd in my wads folder The i installed them all with.

What it says on the title. I want to extract the Metal Gear 2 rom from the VC WAD I have, but after unpacking and trying all the files in blueMSX. I understand that installing Virtual Console games is as easy as installing their wad file; once this is done, and I have their channel on my Wii. Where is the best and safest place to download wii ware and virtual console wads or if you have one can you upload it??because i read in.


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