Config.sys xp download

Config.sys xp

Archived from groups: raymondsaumure.comuration_manage (More info?) How do I edit in Win XP? I need to change my. The XP Start menu guides you to the System Configuration Editor that displays these applications. Additionally, the System Configuration Utility box logs these. and the information including how to edit Note: Windows XP and later no longer use the or

Hi, I have an accounting software programmed in Clipper which requires the following line in FILES= But I could not find. My computer has XP Professional with SP2 installed. When I boot up, the error message says that my is missing or corrupted in. I have a DOS program that requires be updated to read files= and buffers= I did this using msconfig but the program still does.

When booting up computer states missing or corrupt file. No software disk to reinstall the file. The is the main configuration file used by OS/2, MS-DOS and commands loads programs into the memory and sets ups the memory. .. Windows xp Corrupt [Solved]» Forum - Windows XP. Dear Members/administrators, I've been experiencing a major problem with Windows XP, and want to fix the problem correctly which is why I.


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