Apps akamai netsession interface download

Apps akamai netsession interface

Also, the Akamai NetSession Interface is a shared network library that may be used by multiple applications. It will uninstall correctly only when other. Akamai NetSession Interface is a media delivery tool that can help you enjoy faster, more reliable downloads from a variety of sources you choose. Akamai Download Manager is an intelligent, resilient platform for delivering applications, data and media downloads over Akamai's global content NetSession Interface is designed to be a low-impact, low-demand client, with minimal impact.

up my startup folder via MSConfig, I found this Akamai NetSession Interface program. If you don't see any ill effects, uninstall the app. When you download or stream, your Akamai NetSession Interface needs to communicate is a shared network library that may be used by multiple applications. You want to know if you can uninstall the Akamai NetSession Interface and still run your Autodesk product. The Akamai NetSession Interface is.

The Akamai NetSession Interface captures and stores about the on your Mac, go to “/Applications/Akamai/” and simply delete the folder. The Akamai NetSession Interface is technology that is integrated into other software applications that utilize the Akamai desktop networking. What is Akamai Netsession client Interface and is it safe to Remove It? For some of the computers, It comes with some other applications and programs as wel. Hi,. I was looking to get rid of excess crud on my netbook using a few of your tutorials - pc's been slightly but noticeably slower over past few.


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