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High Performance Django

High Performance Django - best practices for deploying stable, fast, and scalable Django sites. High Performance Django [Peter Baumgartner, Yann Malet] on raymondsaumure.com * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Getting started with Django is easy. Getting started with Django is easy. There are tutorials and books that literally walk you through the process of getting your first site up and running. Taking that .

Building High Performance Django Systems. The main motto of Django web framework is: The web framework for perfectionists with deadlines. It's important to have a clear idea what you mean by 'performance'. At higher levels the system has to deal with objects through multiple levels of abstraction. All frameworks require upfront knowledge about how the internals work in order to write high performance code. Django is fast, but sometimes it.

Peter Baumgartner + Lincoln Loop is raising funds for High Performance Django on Kickstarter! Level up your Django skills! Learn how to build. I'm excited to announce that our book, High Performance Django is officially complete. You can buy a copy at raymondsaumure.com now. All too often, I see Django developers go about optimizing their apps A high number of queries doesn't necessarily point to performance loss.


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