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Welcome to ROME. ROME is a Java framework for RSS and Atom feeds. It's open source and licensed under the Apache license. ROME includes a set of. The following tutorials show how to use the ROME API. framework, which makes working with RSS and Atom a breeze for both server-and client-side code. How Rome works. Dave Johnson (The Roller Weblogger) has written a very.

Using ROME to create and write a syndication feed. ROME represents. ROME represents syndication feeds ( RSS and Atom) as instances of the. Rome v Tutorial, Using Rome to create and write a syndication feed.

Using Rome to aggregate many syndication feeds into a single one. Rome. Library for generating and parsing RSS and Atom feeds. Other deprecated modules: rome-certiorem, rome-certiorem-webapp and rome-propono. Please consider using a separate library for fetching the feed (see example in #). RSS (Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication) is a web feed standard that provides readers with an aggregated content from various locations. This article gives an overview of how to process RSS feeds in Java with the Rome API. First, let’s create a new RSS feed with the. setType("text/html"); // change as per // .cgi?id=26 return desc; } public boolean isMyType(Document document). Today I'll show you how to read an ATOM feed using Rome with Java. I'm going to be using Atom Hopper as the ATOMPub server and you can.

This page provides Java code examples for SyndFeed. The examples are extracted from open source Java projects. ROME Logo In this tutorial, we'll be using ROME to do all the heavy lifting. ROME is an open source (Apache licensed) Java library which is.


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