Kensington mouseworks vista download

Kensington mouseworks vista

Find the software for your device by entering your product name or code. Kensington offers a range of links to download software. TrackballWorks™ Customization Software TrackballWorks™ allows you to program your Trackball to behave how you want it to by Windows Vista bit. Expert Mouse® Wired Trackball Orbit® Optical Trackball SlimBlade™ Trackball Orbit® Trackball with Scroll Ring Expert Mouse® Wireless Trackball.

I was fortunate in being able to find a version of Kensington Mouseworks () which installed under Vista and supports my Trackball. I am trying to get my trackball to play nice with Vista While rooting around in Google for an answer I came across a post on this forum by. I have a Kensington Trackball 4 button. I am trying to get it to work but was told that vista and W7 will only use 2 button mouse. I love my mouse.

I am needing the drivers for the Kensington Expert Mouse Pro # Serial # KO xp and vista. I wrote Kensington and this is there. Not long ago, I wrote about how I love my trackball. Unfortunately, Kensington isn' t providing software for configuring the Expert Mouse in Vista. I have a Kensington Trackball (Expert Mouse) model , which is the old grey 4 button billiard ball style trackball and which is far and away. I just had to reinstall Windows Vista Ultimate, and it got me thinking about my Expert Trackball by Kensington. Then I remembered the emails.


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