File spring mvc portlet download

File spring mvc portlet

Next is to define the Spring application context file. Any spring project must have atleast. You will see, the wizard put 2 spring application context files in src/main/webapp/ WEB-INF/spring-context. Spring MVC portlets must be packaged as WAR artifacts because the Spring MVC Develop a Spring MVC portlet WAR file with the appropriate descriptor files.

or you can rename the file to "" By default, Spring will look for a file named [portlet-name] in the WEB-INF folder of your webapp. Provide an application context file ( in the example above), specified as you normally would for your Spring MVC portlet. Next configure your . File upload is also supported in the same way. Locale resolution and theme resolution are not supported in Portlet MVC - these areas are in the purview of the.

Spring Portlet MVC supports beans whose lifecycle is scoped to the current ( file upload) support”) offers functionality to process file uploads from HTML forms. File name to download: spring-frameworkx. The first change to your portlet will be to add a portlet specific Spring context file. By default, it. You may ask, “Why use Spring MVC and not extend one of the . The other files that were generate are,, and. The following is a brass tacks guide for building a Spring MVC Portlet using .. This is a Spring Beans file that names the Spring Portlet MVC Annotation handler .


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