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Deadpool noir

He also created an alternative personality called 'Deadpool' in addition to the two voices he hears. The psychiatrist states that. Existing Realities, Realities, Earth, Modern-Age Realities. A universe where local counterparts of Earth superhumans debuted in the s and s. Most Superpowers are mainly unknown at this point, though with the certain exceptions of few, such as Spider-Man (who. I read last year that they were going to do a Deadpool Noir series anybody know where that is? EDIT: Can somebody move this to the Deadpool forum.

Three ongoing series for Deadpool and a series of upcoming oneshots just aren't enough. I understand that the Marvel Noir line will take. I have been rather disappointed with the Marvel Noir series. I was stunned after reading this book that Deadpool's Noir story would be the one I enjoyed the best. Marvel Noir Collections (10 Items). Add all to Cart Deadpool Pulp Marvel Noir Sale Single Issues (37 Items). Add all to Cart ยท X-Men Noir: Mark of Cain #2 ( of.

Gavin said: I really enjoyed this, moving Deadpool to the 50s Cold War America. "Deadpool Pulp" is part of Marvel's Noir run, and alternate noir world featuring .


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